Alfred Mills 

10th Battalion Royal Fusiliers
(City of London Regiment) the 'Stockbrokers'
 and The Royal Engineers

Great War Diary 1914-1918


Monday 1 January Les Huits Maisens

Another New Year! In Brigade HQ

Tuesday 8 January Les Huits Maisens

Been busy drawing and redrafting various maps.  Warned for leave. Catch train from La Gorgue (across River Lys from Estaires) at half past midnight, early hours Wednesday morning.

Wednesday 9 January Calais

Reached here about 8:00am. Long and slow journey with many stops, not all at stations. Train crowded. I stay in Rest Camp until tomorrow.

Thursday 10 January Southall

I left Calais at 11:00am on the packet and reached home at 6:00pm in time for tea. Good to see everyone again and it has been a very long time since I'd seen my family. Winnie came round this evening and I have a bath before going to bed.

Friday 11 January Southall

Uniform being cleaned so in civvies all day. Glorious being home. Winnie and all of us together this evening, except Dad who is on duty.

Sunday 21 January Boulogne

Left home this morning at 5:30am and eventually got here late this afternoon Staying here tonight.

Tuesday 23 January Lestrem

Left Boulogne at 6:00pm yesterday and got back here to rejoin Brigade HQ at 2:00am

Friday 2 February Les Huits Maisens

We are moving Brigade HQ today across to Merville.

Sunday 4 February Merville

Still settling in. Went for a stroll around this afternoon.

Monday 5 February Merville

Went for a bath this morning. Letter from Winnie. Tatler from Emily. Parcel and letter from Ma.

Tuesday 6 February Merville

Sent Silk things to Ma, Emily, Winnie, Aunt Euphen, Effie and Nellie.

Saturday 10 February Merville

I'm leaving here today for Bethune. Parcels from Winnie and Anglo-Saxon Petroleum. Feeling quite sick.

Sunday 11 February Bethune

Had a stroll around this afternoon. Quite a big town, very busy with troops. Wrote to Anglo-Saxon Comforts Fund.

Monday 12 February Bethune

Had a stroll around this morning. Wrote to Ma and Winnie.

Tuesday 13 February Bethune

Parcels from Ma and Anglo-Saxon.

Wednesday 14 February 14 February Bethune

I leave here today for Philosphie.

Sunday 4 March Philosphie

After 2 and half weeks I'm leaving here today for Bethune to rejoin my unit.

Monday 5 March Bethune

Left here and marched to Novent Fontes

Tuesday 6 March Novent Fontes

Letters from Nell, Aunt Euphen and Effie

Wednesday 7 March Novent Fontes

2 parcels from Ma and one from the firm.

Thursday 8 March Novent Fontes

Nothing happened today

Friday 9 March Novent Fontes

Left here and marched to Pernes

Saturday 10 March Pernes

Left here and marched to Buneville

Sunday 18 March Buneville

Been here a week and just routine. Strolled down to Houvin to see Seargent Mitchell. Caught cold in my ears.

Monday 19 March Buneville

Laid up with my ears

Tuesday 20 March Buneville

SC sent me sick with my ears

Friday 23 March Buneville

SC sent MO a letter.

Saturday 24 March Buneville

Sent away today. First to CCS and then No.12 Stationary Hospital, St.Pol-sur-Ternoise.