Alfred Mills 

10th Battalion Royal Fusiliers
(City of London Regiment) the 'Stockbrokers'
 and The Royal Engineers

Great War Diary 1914-1918


Saturday 1 April Mezerolles

Our section on a Route march, about 3 miles. Wrote to Bulletin. Play Solo in evening.

Sunday 2 April Mezerolles

Wrote to George.

Monday 3 April Mezerolles

Go into Doullens this afternoon without a pass; rather exciting!

Tuesday 4April Mezerolles

Musketry practice in afternoon; my score is 48 out of 105 and that is pretty awful for one who is rated a 1st class shot.

Wednesday 5 April Mezerolles

Rifle inspection this morning. Came out of quarantine this evening. Letter and newspapers from Ma, Tatler from Emily, Newspapers from Winnie.

Thursday 6 April Mezerolles

Our company gave demonstration under machine gun arrangements, for the edification of the General.

Friday 7 April Mezerolles

Took horses down to water in eveing and kicked in the leg by one whilst in the stable. Threw a live bomb after atttending bombing lecture. Parcel from ma.

Saturday 8 April Mezerolles

On sick with my leg today. Wrote to Ma.

Sunday 9 April Mezerolles

Moved billet today. Played Solo in evening.

Monday 110 April Mezerolles

Marking on the range today.

Tuesday 11 April Mezerolles

Raining all day. Registered letter from Dad. Go to watch football in evening.

Wednesday 12 April Mezerolles

Raining most of the day. Played cards. Wrote to Dad.

Thursday 13 April Mezerolles

On fatigue duty. C company beat D company in the semi-final of the Cup. Letters from Ma, Emily and Winnie.

Friday 14 April Mezerolles

C.O's inspection. C company beat H.Q in the final and win the Cup. Parcel from Ma. Tatler from Emily. Letter and cigarettes from Reg Bonner. Letter from Dot.

Saturday 15 April Mezerolles

Sports today. Wrote to Ma.

Sunday 16 April Mezerolles

Went to Chapel this morning. Our team played the Bengal Lancers at hockey and drew 3 all. Played football in evening. Letters from Nell, Effie and Aunt Euphen, enclosed with photographs and cigarettes.

Monday 17 April Mezerolles

Battalion parade. Went on route march. Colonel gave vent to his petty temper, messed us about. Wrote to Dot and Emily. Letter from Ma. Tatler from Emily.

Tuesday 18 April Mezerolles

Parcel from Ma. Wrote to Winnie and Aunt Euphen.

Wednesday 19 April Mezerolles

Went for a Route march

Thursday 20th April Mezerolles

Sent watch and bulletins home.

Friday 21st April Mezerolles

Good Friday. Leave here and march to Halloy and stay the night. Letter from Emily and post card from Dad.

Saturday 22 April Halloy

Leave here and march to Humbercamps. Raining all the time. Wrote to Nell and Effie.

Sunday 23 April Gaudiempre

On hut guard here at 9:00am. Wrote to Ma and Reg Bonner.

Monday 24 April Gaudiempre

Come off hut guard at 11:am. Parcel from Anglo-Saxon Petroleum.

Tuesday 25 April Humbercamps

Paraded at 8:00am for digging near Berles. Parcel from Emily.

Wednesday 26 April Berles

Digging all day

Thursday 27 April Humbercamps

Letters and newspapers from Ma and Winnie.

Friday 28 April Humbercamps

Digging all day. Parcel from Ma. Letter from Dot. Wrote to Emily.

Saturday 29 April Humbercamps

Digging all day. Tatler from Emily. Hell of a strafe at midnight resulting in us Standing-to.

Sunday 30 April Humbercamps

No digging today, morning off. Letter from Ma and wrote back.

March to Berles via Pommier

Monday 1 May Berles

Take over trenches from 4th Royal Inniskillen Fusiliers

Tuesday 2 May Berles

Enemy strafed us this morning. Parcel from Ma. Tatler from Emily.

Wednesday 3 May Berles

Newspapers from Winnie. Wrote to Mr Phipps.

Thursday 4 May Berles

The enemy bombarded us like hell at 2:30am. Absolutely like hell. I had just come off Sentry watch and as usual had a walk along to get warmed up. I was talking to the chaps on the next post, and as I spoke, a red flare went up from the German trenches right opposite us an this was followed by red flares all along the line and immediately all hell was let loose along our front with shells landing everywhere. The piece of trench which our section held was subject to enfilade fire and we had to evacuate it during the shelling. It tooks us 2 hours crawling on our bellies to get along it. Sandbags were flying through the air along with all sorts of debris. I was struck on the head. We have about 60 casualties, but no one killed. I tried to stick it afterwards during the day but had to come down to Aid Post in evening suffering from dizziness and feeling sick. We were lucky not be wiped out on account of the intensity of the shelling.

The enemy didn't get into our line, but the chaps to the right of us lost some, taken as prisoners.

Friday 5 May Berles

Sent down to Berles village from the Aid Post behind the lines by the M.O., this evening. Shaking uncontrollably and I feel I cannot face going back to the trenches.

Wrote to Dad and sent home two Bulletins.

I shut my eyes and feel as if I'm sinking into blackness

Saturday 6 May Berles

In Aid Post

Sunday 7 May Berles

Still in Aid Post. Very nervous in the dark. Chaps come out of the trenches in evening.

Monday 8 May Berles

Left Aid Post and come back to section.

Tuesday 9 May Berles

Newspaper from Ma.

Wednesday 10 May Berles

Wrote to Dot. Letter from Ma.

Thursday 11 May Berles

Send just a note to ma. Parcel from Ma. Letter from Emily.

Friday 12 May Berles

Post card and my watch returned by Ma.

Saturday 13 May Berles

Went into Support lines with No.10 Platoon. Letter from Jock Simpson.

Sunday 14 May Berles

Clearing out Communication trenches.

Monday 15 May Berles

Clearing out Communication trenches. Letter from Ma.

Tuesday 16 May Berles

Clearing out Communication trenches.

Wednesday 17 May Berles

Parcel from Ma. Tatler from Emily. Letter from Dad. Wrote to Ma.

Thursday 18 May Berles

Newspapers from Winnie.

Friday 19 May Berles

Came out the trenches this morning.

Saturday 20 May Berles

Letter from Talbot Butler

Sunday 21 May Berles

Back digging in morning

Monday 22 May Berles

Our company fought today. Wrote to Winnie and Jock.

Tuesday 23 May Berles

Tatler from Emily

Wednesday 24 May Pommier

Mounted guard at 5:00pm.

Thursday 25 May Pommier

On guard again. Battalion relieved trenches in evening.

Friday 26 May Berles

Came off Pommier guard at 4:00pm and rejoined company in Support trenches.

Saturday 27 May Berles

Letter an newspapers from Ma.

Sunday 28 May Berles

Digging in morning. Wrote to Ma and Dad.

Monday 29 May Berles

Newspapers from Winnie.

Tuesday 30 May Berles

Gas alarm this evening.

Wednesday 31 May Berles

Came out of the trenches this evening. Parcel from Ma.

Thursday 1 June Berles

Paraded at 7:00am. Reynolds and Tatler from home.

Friday 2 June Berles

I left Berles today at 1:30pm for Bailleulment to take over duties of Town Major?s clerk.

Saturday 3 June Bailleulment

I am now Town Major's clerk. This a job out of the blue and any of the boys would have given anything for this job. I can only surmise that someone got wind of my background or perhaps it is just my handwriting.

Sunday 4 June Bailleulment

Hell of a strafe today. A Company bombed German dug-outs during the night.

Monday 5 June Bailleulment

Another strafe tonight

Saturday 17 June Bailleulment

Go across to see the boys in Berles this afternoon. Settled into the routine of office working.

Sunday 18 June Bailleulment

Letter, Tatler and Reynolds from Emily. Letter from Dot.

Boys went into the trenches today.

Monday 19 June Bailleulment

Received post card from Talbot Butler

Thursday 22 June Bailleulment

Enemy shelled our Batteries this morning. Wrote to Schindler. Parcel from Dot.

Friday 23 June Bailleulment

Heavy thunderstorm followed by a heavy bombardment on our right.

Parcel and letter from Ma. Newspapers from Winnie. Letter from Dot.

Saturday 24 June Bailleulment

Bombardment all day and all night

Sunday 25 June Bailleulment

Bombardment all day and all night

Monday 26 June Bailleulment

Bombardment all day and all night

Tuesday 27 June Bailleulment

Bombardment all day and all night.

Letter and Daily News from Ma.

Wednesday 28 June Bailleulment

Bombardment all day and all night

Thursday 29 June Bailleulment

Bombardment all day and all night.

Wrote to Dot.

Friday 30 June Bailleulment

Bombardment all day and all night.

Reynolds and Daily News from home. Gazette from Winnie.