Alfred Mills 

10th Battalion Royal Fusiliers
(City of London Regiment) the 'Stockbrokers'
 and The Royal Engineers

Great War Diary 1914-1918




Extract from 'The Royal Fusiliers in the Great War' by H.C. O'Neill, O.B.E.

The 10th ('Stockbrokers') Battalion was raised at the direct suggestion of Sir Henry Rawlinson, then Director of Recruiting, by Major the Hon. R. White. In a letter to the latter at the Travellers' Club, Sir Henry stated his belief that there were "many City employees who would be willing to enlist if they were assured that they would serve with friends."
Major White was asked to collect the names and addresses of those who would be willing to serve in the service battalion of the Royal Fusiliers. The battalion, which would be composed entirely of City employees, would be sent abroad as soon as it attained a sufficient standard of efficiency.
The letter was dated August 12th. Recruiting began on the 21st, when 210 men presented themselves. The following day, the battalion was 425 strong; it was 900 on the 24th, 1300 on the 25th and 1,600 on the 27th.
The numbers speak for themselves; but they represent the result of a careful selection among the eager flock who presented themselves.

Author's note:
Various extracts from this excellent book appear in the diary inserted in the relevant dates in blue text.  
It should be noted that the 10th Battalion was made up of 4 Companies (A,B,C,D) and they did not always find themselves alongside each other in the various engagements. It is significant that some 750 members of the 10th Battalion were either killed in action or died of wounds and many more wounded, and yet the definitive history in its 400 pages, only accounts for a dozen references to this battalion. Its members fought all along the Western Front throughout the war after arriving in France in 1915.